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0711rsWe wanted to try vegan and vegetarian versions of traditional comfort foods and this is the second vegan twist for this week! Instead of meatloaf we made a lentil loaf and it looked and tasted just like it, if not better! It was also just as filling! We got sooo full!

We roasted red potatoes with some seasonings such as Italian seasoning, pepper, garlic powder, and sage, and coating the chopped potatoes with olive oil. We baked them in the oven on 425 for about 25 minutes.

For the entree we stuck pretty close to the recipe we found by The Simple Veganista, however we didn’t use use celery, carrots, the cumin, or the thyme, and we didn’t have broth so we just used water. We did use 3 small sweet peppers [one red, one orange, and one yellow], and one white onion, which can be a lot so you will need to like onions quite a bit if you use the whole thing. We weren’t able to make the glaze either though it probably would have tasted pretty awesome. We did use ketchup though and it was scrumptious.

0698rsWhat we like about this recipe is that it’s simple and basic, but tastes super good and really hits the spot. We have been wanting to try the flax seed substitute for eggs and it’s so easy to do as long as you have flax seed mill handy. And unlike the lentils in the Vegan Taco Meat recipe you will want more water because in this recipe mushy lentils is good and we ended up cooking them a bit longer.

0707rsWe give this recipe for Lentil Loaf our 100% approval. It should even please the meat eaters in your family.

We totally want to make this again! Next time we’ll make the glaze too and maybe change up the veggies and add the cumin and thyme and see how it turns out that way.

Happy Eating!

– MaryAnne & Sara