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Salmon Pasta + Roasted Veggies


Sara and I found out we were both craving pasta last Friday when we were having coffee before heading out to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We wanted something that wasn’t heavy or as unhealthy as the normal white flour pasta can be. I told Sara about my recent visit at the lake and how nice it was and how it had a real beach and not too many people go there very much. Taking both ideas we decided to plan a picnic at the lake on Monday. I happened to have some salmon that I had thawed out that weekend so Sara made the pasta and I made the salmon and we put the two together along with capers and crème fraiche, mmmmmmmm.


We were on the side of the lake that is surprisingly remote and a lot of people don’t know about it. It was peaceful and calm sitting on the soft, velvety sand that reminded me of the sand in Florida.



We had our dinner with Jamaican Ginger Beer. It’s ridiculously refreshing and way yummy and a healthier alternative to soda.

We stayed until the sun was just about gone and as the sun light dimmed and the lake got a darker blue pelicans began to fly in. They came in groups, soaring across the lake just above the water and clustered together just far away enough that we couldn’t get any decent photos of them. It was a peaceful night and we both really needed something like that – calm, laid back, and super delicious!

This recipe has been slightly adapted from Joanna Goddard.

What You’ll Need:
½ lb fusili pasta (we used a quinoa and rice flour pasta)
½ cup crème fraîche
A few spoonfuls of capers
6-8 ounces baked salmon (we seasoned ours with sage and turmeric)
Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt to taste

Bake the salmon on 425 degrees for about 18 minutes. Before putting the salmon in the oven I drizzled Newman’s Own Lite Italian dressing over the top and sprinkled Sage, oregano, Italian seasoning, a little turmeric, and pepper on top.

Cook pasta according to package directions. Let it cool then add the crème fraîche and capers. Flake the cooked salmon into bite sized pieces and add it to your pasta. It’s as simple as that, but seriously addicting when you’re in the mood for pasta.

For the veggies: slice them up, coat them with oil and seasonings and pop them in the oven at 425 degrees until you can pierce them with a fork.


The quinoa and rice flour pasta tasted and had basically the same texture as your standard pasta, but with a healthy kick. It is even more similar than a whole wheat pasta. A pleasant surprise for sure!

Happy Eating!

– MaryAnne and Sara